Web Application

Fission Ads

An automated ad bidding platform that integrates Facebook Ads with Google AdSense to guarantee profits.

Fission Ads

The Fission Ads team approached us to build a minimum viable product that was architeched to be able to grow if the platform was a success. It was setup to be able to expand to multiple other integrations and even add in advanced ad creation and more automation.

Extensive work was involved building very complicated integrations with both the Facebook Advertising APIs and Google AdSense APIs. The Facebook Advertising API has fairly intense rate limiting which required complicated engineering to avoid us from hitting those limits.

The platform was based on a Laravel 5 API with an AngularJS 1 frontend using Bootstrap 3 as the frontend framework.

  • Client : Fission Ads
  • Technology : Laravel and AngularJS
  • Type : Web Application

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